Monday, January 31, 2011

FREE Game Day Parking at Lincoln Square with $75 in Merchants' Receipts!!

Note:  The bit about only being 1 block from the Stadium is WRONG. It's at least .4 mile from the closest parking spot and could be almost twice that distance. But HEY, IT'S FREE!! Free Lincoln Square Game Day Parking

Monday, January 24, 2011

Coming to Super Bowl XLV? Important Info

A personal welcome to Arlington!! We're delighted to have you! Here's some of the latest important info:

WARNING: Don't bother with most online maps and turn off your GPS.  Due to massive road construction projects on and along I-30 and around the Stadium site in the past few years (some only barely completed in time) most of those services have not been updated and are wrong. Arlington City Officials worry visitors may get lost. 1/23/11 WFAA TV newsstory:

Road Closures: Some roads around the Stadium have already been closed and others will divert or limit traffic for the next couple of weeks, on game day some will be one-way only or closed entirely. See:

Information from the Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau A good site with comprehensive Arlington and Cowboy Stadium info separate from the official NFL SuperBowl site. Be sure to read the Game Day Security info, particularly about the very tight security measures that will prohibit entering the stadium with items generally otherwise allowed, such as camcorders, baby strollers, food or beverages (those'll be EXPENSIVE!), horns, cushions, etc. Don't even bring them with you from wherever you arrive. They won't let them in and security officials won't watch after them for you. So it's back to the car (if you arrived in one) or I assume they'll end up in the trash. See the surprising list!!

Regional Transportation on Super Bowl Sunday:

The TRE (Trinity Railway Express) station at Centreport is just south of DFW Airport (buses from airport to station if you fly in that morning - but why would you risk that??) where you'll be tranfering to a bus for the apx 9 mile drive to the Stadium, subject to the whims of what is going to be very heavy traffic. Arrive EARLY!! As I understand it, the drop off point will be about 1/2 mile from the Stadium. Same for taxis and limos. Be aware if you're flying in that Arlington does not have public transportation other than taxis. Good luck. Ask your hotel about ground transportation from that location to as close as possible to the Stadium. If a 1/2 to 3/4 mile one-way hike doesn't bother you, the Sheraton and Mariott Courtyard are within walking distance and your best (and perhaps only) bet. Not sure what they are doing for those with mobility issues.

Official Stadium Parking:  The wide security perimeter has taken up much of the official Stadium Parking.

Other Nearby Parking - Don't feel like a long hike? The closer you park in these privates lots the more you pay. How about $990 for .1 mile? Others within 1/2 mile as low as $110.  Feel like a 1.2 mile stroll? Only $60 bucks. Looking at the list apparently every business and some churches around there is selling parking space (might as well, the businesses will pretty much have to closed due to Stadium traffic patterns). Lists of parking venues, including official lots, prices and loction map here.  Here's a Star Telegram article with comment by an owner of one of the private lots.

Other Info:
  • Official NFL Parking Opens at 10a.m.
  • No recreational vehicles or motor homes allowed in official lots
  • NO TAILGATING  in official lots
  • Taxis will be allowed to drop-off and pick-up on Road to Six Flags located North and West of Rangers Ballpark. (That's almost 1/2 mile)
  • There are no bus, limousine, sedan or shuttle drop-off or pick-up areas at Cowboys Stadium - wherever they drop off, you'll have a hike
  • NO SCALPING POLICY is STRICTLY enforced - there are eyes in the sky, the transaction will most likely be seen and if so, someone will be arrested, your tickets will almost certainly be forgeries, they will be confiscated and you will end up at the police station (if you can get there) filing a complaint hoping to get your money back instead of watching the game. Because of very sophisticated fake tickets, don't trust anyone offering you any ticket at any price.
Food and Beverage Choices and $$$ inside the Stadium: It ain't cheap, but hopefully better than your typical stadium fare. Maybe. Food & Beverage

Other NFL Events:  All the other events in the DFW area, where, how much, directions, etc.  

CAUTION: You are on candid camera. There are numerous public safety cameras around and inside the Stadium. This is true of every major sports venue and is a really good thing.

JUST ANNOUNCED this morning: In addition to the Black Eyed Peas at half-time, Keith Urban and Maroon 5 have been added to the Super Bowl XLV Fox Pregame Lineup (I foresee the older generations changing channels en masse)
The NFL took possession of the Stadium right after the Cotton Bowl on January 7th and is adding all of  it's special touches, including additional interior and exterior seating. Cowboy season ticket holders were advised Friday or Saturday that they may purchase tickets at $200 each (minimum 4) to stand outside and watch on the Jumbo Tron (now WHY would anyone spend an inordinate amount of time in traffic and waste their $$ to do that?? Go to a local Sports Bar if  you don't want to watch SB45 alone at home, for goodness sake!)
I've lived in Arlington for decades. If you have any questions or would like additional info about Arlington, the Stadium (yes, I've been inside - twice - even on the field) or Fort Worth (such as Sundance Square that ESPN is going to be Broadcasting from or really interesting things to do), post your questions in the comment section and I'll try to answer them.  I might even accurately respond to questions about the Mid-Cities or Dallas.

See an interesting but not entirely accurate composite of what the Fort Worth ESPN Sundance Square site will look something  like and read the Star Telegram article.

- Linda

Abbreviation Key

AARC - Arlington Amateur Radio Club
- Amateur Radio Emergency Service
- Community Emergency Response Team
EMST - Emergency Management Support Team
- Emergency Operations Center - part of the OEM
FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency
- National Weather Service
NWS FWD - National Weather Service - Fort Worth/Dallas
OEM - Office of Emergency Management
- Public Service Event - ARES Net
RACES - Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services
- TExas Severe Storm Associaton